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Hello, my dears!!
Today I have something really delicious for you all.
Today you have a chance to know more about one of the main japanese gothic legends... I present for you A to Z interview with angelic, diabolical, vampiric and beautiful creature Zin-François Angélique (Madame Edwarda and more). 
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ZIN: I still don’t know who they are. I still don’t know where they live. Do you? They must be kind of DEMONS as Brueghel wrote on his book. Angels against the God became to Fallen Angel equals to Demons as wrote in the chapter 12 of The Apocalypse in Holy Bible. 1/3 of the angels become to Demons in 9 days when this world born. Do you have wings on your back? I once have two wings before I fell to The Earth. And then Zin-François Angélique was born. I was once a Human. Now, I’m a Clone Human.
dani: I still don’t know who they are and where they live also. But I believe that we all have angels (demons) inside our souls. Humans want to be angels after death, but angels wants to be humans after death also. This is a spiritual circle, but only as brave dream or pure longing for spiritual evolution. Yes, I have a wings, but I still can’t fly, because I still very worldly and alive. I must to die to can fly again. As you said you have angelic spirit inside, but living like a human without wings. Anyway you still have an angel inside you. Aren’t you? So… I can say that I believe in angel inside your soul.
ZIN: OH! Why do you know about that? Yes, I believe I am a half-man/half angel equal to Clone Human (Fake Vampire). So, Maybe I have still have an angel inside me, yes. They (angels) seem to wants to set me free from this virtual living life. And…Sometimes They guides me to the 4th dimension through this crazy, crazy, crazy world.

ZIN: Beauty is like Endless Mirror. Beauty grows in the Endless Mirror. Keep shinning, growing and do not know where they want to go. Beauty wants to eat/bites human’s soul. And they call me from the Endless Mirror. Sometimes, I am in fear in the night. Beauty changes in the Endless Mirror. And no one is do not care about that. So my fear grows like dark ancient potion.

ZIN: Not the Jim Jarmusch’s Cinema Titles for me. Jim Jarmusch is talented filmmaker as many people says. However, I want to tell another story. They are Lovers. A lover needs each other. Gitane is not Angels. Gitane is Demons. Gauloises is not Demons, too. Gitane, Gauloises…these cigarettes are once my favorite cigarette.
dani: That movie is cool anyway, ahaha… Yes, you right. They are lovers. Coffee as a lover who does not gets you to fall asleep. Cigarettes as a lover who gets to you a last hope that everything is okay. You know, we had cool post-punk band КИНО (KINO) here, in Russia. They had a song Пачка Сигарет (Cigarette Pack). Good line from this song meaning that if you have the cigarette pack in your pocket it means that everything is not too bad right now.
ZIN: Cool post-punk band КИНО? I would like to listen to them. Anyway, I hope everything going well with Cigarettes as КИНО sing.

ZIN: I live like a Vampire. I sleep all day. I have no day life. I love Moon, Night, and Darkness.  My day usually start after Midnight. Sometimes, I need human blood for my inspiration. DAY LIFE Bites me.
dani: I live only in the night-time because of my night-job. But I find this job because of my natural inside time-cycle. Human’s blood is beauty for inspiration, but it has too much pain inside sometimes. It is one way when somebody gives you blood for fun or as sexual fetish, but other way when it’s blood falling the ground with a tears and pain. For first way you can make one kind of creativity, and so very different kind of creativity for another…
ZIN: I said that ‘’I need human blood for my inspiration’’ as metaphor. I do not really need blood for me. Off course I don’t want blood for my fun or as sexual fetish, too. I believe Blood is power. So I need blood (in fact, 60% of human body is water not blood). However, Blood make me too much pain inside sometimes, too. Blood including holy myth, I think.

ZIN: Supernatural Thing. The Earth does not believe in Human. They hate Human because Earthquake comes. Earthquake is like a dilemma of the Earth. The Earth screams like an angel sometimes. Therefore Earthquake comes.

ZIN: Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many. It never ends. So, I could not write my favorite bands (artists/musicians). It will be thousand or more. I like Classic/Neo Goth-Death Rock, Glam Rock, Psychedelic/Art/Progressive Rock, Ambient Music, Medieval, Dark Folk, Celt Music, Experimental, Electro Body Music, Electro-clash, Original Punk, Art-Punk, French Wave, Cold Wave, Minimal Wave, Throbbing New Wave, Classic, Cinema sound tracks, and more & more. You know, it Never ends. I live with Music. I live with Music in this earth.

ZIN: My Love. My Blood. My Lover. My Child. But GOTHIC MUSIC is not my whole favorites. Please See section F – FAVORITE BANDS.

H – HATED THINGSZIN: Misunderstanding. Homo sapiens of this earth seems to be live in this World, this Misunderstanding World. For Human, It’s very difficult to communicate with words therefore Music was born.
dani: You are absolutely right!! Music, arts, any creativity it is international language for all.

ZIN: I know the story about ICE CREAM. Once upon a time, there is ICE CREAM. He is the bad man. His name sounds like an eye scream. Eye Scream is Doppelgänger of Mr. ICE CREAM the Transvestite, he/she like a sweet baby or maiden fairy. And I never knew his/her last name. And he/she never had no fun with the toys. ICE CREAM Sam, ICE CREAM Sam, woooo, I wanna be your toys. And ICE CREAM scream, “I knew there’s only one way out I've got to eat them”!! Maybe his full name is ICE CREAM for Crow. Maybe he is not Jack the Ripper but Chocolate Serial Cannibal Killer. Here’s the Heavy Metal Boys in blue. He always looks at you. You have Better Watch out!!!!!!! ICE CREAM hates Heavy Metal Boys and Heavy Metal Boys lived scary ever after. The story will be never ended.

ZIN: I once read about Jealousy in the Shakespeare's book “Othello”. Roderigo, who is desperately in love with Desdemona, expresses his jealousy of Othello's marriage to Desdemona. Marc Bolan once sung about Desdemona. I usually listen to this song ” Desdemona”. Besides, JEALOUSY is the song name of Marie Louise (My band in 1980’s).

ZIN: Kiss made by Adam and Eve, I think. Holy bible did not write about first kisses with Adam and Eve. It's the oldest game in the earth. Bryan Ferry sung in KISS & TELL as “Money talks about Kisses, and it never lies when Ten cents a dance. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss… Give and take - Eye for an eye. “ Maybe Gods never know about how to kiss. Gods do not need kisses.
dani: Yes, Gods do not need kisses, because it is too fleshy for Gods. Deep kiss as perfect sex-imitation… too alive for Gods…
ZIN: LOVE is Jack. LUST is Jill. Jack hates Jill. And off course Jill hates Jack… Is there love or lust? Learn how to tell if your relationship is based on love or lust. "There's nothing in the world like the devotion of a married woman; it's a thing no married man knows anything about." — Oscar Wilde.
dani: I guess, if looks on thing that way that love is pure and platonic and lust is dirty and sexual, so we can say that love and lust like a ying-yang thing. Angels and demons, white and black, light and dark and etc… Love and lust are twins. Terrible twins sometimes, ahaha…
ZIN: I guess so. Love and lust like a ying-yang thing. If something is missing, they transform themselves into Terrible Twins sometimes.

ZIN: My Rock Band’s name. My Love. My Blood. My Lover. My Child. Japanese Gothic Rock Legend, and go on to the future to creation. I’ve grown with this band. MADAME EDWARDA is not only Gothic Rock Band, but also Glamorous/Surrealistic/Majestic/Theatrical Art Positive Punk Rock band. More information available at: http://madameedwarda.com/

ZIN: Not My Dear, My Diva, My Lover, but Part of My Life, My Inspiration. Sometimes I spent all night to dance, drink, and off course, talk with my friends, Faerie Ariel, Legendary Creatures. We love talk about music, fashion, art, literature including keywords of undead faeries, Bela Lugosi, Béla Bartók, Georges Bataille, Heaven & Hell, Modern Dance, Hieronymus Bosch, Godard, Surrealisme, Dadaisme, and sometimes THE DEAD CLASS. Have you seen movie/act THE DEAD CLASS (by Tadeusz Kantor). Anyway, Sometimes I only met Zombie in Night Life. Do you know why? I do not know why. I love to read the book all the day, too.
dani: I meet zombies around me often also. Not only in the nighttime, but also often at the morning-time after holidays. They brains is dead for sure, ahaha…
ZIN: They brains is dead for sure in the morning. My brains must be dead when I lost myself in this pain of loneliness.

ZIN: It means to me as its imagery consisted of sort of a trance or dreamlike state, like reality was not quite reality. ORCHIDS are poison. ORCHIDS are untouchable innocent. ORCHIDS made mistake to be grown as Roses. An incomplete and unsuccessful attempt to escape the human condition by means of posing, artifice; all of which are conceived of as unnatural and therefore better than natural.

ZIN: My Blood, My Bones. Punk music inspires me when I was Teenager. I love to listen to them. Another music inspires me, too. I love to listen to them.

ZIN: I often quote Literature/Poem in my blog. Literature/Poem inspires me. Do you know Jean-Luc Godard use many QUOTINGS on his Cinema? I like his style/philosophy of making cinema.
dani: I love quoting in the creativity. It is good reverence for people who inspiring us for this creativity.
ZIN: Yes, I agree with you.

ZIN: Side-project of ZEUS MACHINA (MADAME EDWARDA). I started this unit called “ROMEO MIRROR“ with Yukino. Sound is not like the others. We’ll inspire you.
dani: ROMEO MIRROR is a very inspiring project, really.
ZIN: Thank you. However, ROMEO MIRROR will transform when we need.

ZIN: My STYLE. Life STYLE? Hair STYLE? Well, You know, “every thing” surely has STYLE. I like the surrealistic style of living like DALI did. I know nothing remains the same. STYLE is too. But, Spirit is Forever. It reminds me “The Song Remains the Same - Led Zeppelin”. By the way why Song Remains the Same? What do you love? I love crazy DREAMS. STYLE steals DREAMS. DREAMS steal STYLES. So, I love crazy DREAMS.
dani: Yeah, I love crazy dreams also. So… I love crazy styles. Style is a good way for self-realization. I hate trend, but I love style. Individuality…

ZIN: Do you asking about Kevin? Well, TAKAAKI NISHIMURA is Kevin…he have a talent. I believe in him. Guitarist of MADAME EDWARDA. Thank you.

ZIN: UMBRELLA means shadow. They designed by Human to protect against rain or sunlight. I wonder why they can live without rain or sunlight. So I believe UMBRELLA is not Dracula. By the way I like band called “UMBRELLA” formed in 1980’s. They are nice band. Please listen to their sound if you have a chance.
dani: Umbrella is like a personal shadow, personal darkness, personal protection. I don’t like to use this, but sometimes it looks pretty.
ZIN: How Cute. That’s why UMBRELLA exists in the earth.

ZIN: VISUAL is kind of GIFT, I think. You can see VISUAL in the somewhere landscapes. I can see VISUAL in someone’s silhouette. Everybody, Everything has VISUAL. Nowadays, VISUAL means Visual Rock for Some people, but not for me. VISUAL is kind of GIFT, I repeat. Visual is the only a part of all things. I prize not only Visual but an individual/original style (individuality) of creation (creativity). VISUAL is similar to Vision? If VISUAL is similar to Vision, Music will be made by Sound & Vision as David Bowie song “Sound & Vision”? Don't you wonder sometimes? About sound and vision? And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
dani: I think that any idea can be realizing by music, by lyrics or by pictures in the same time. I love when things completing each other. Music and theatre together is like a shaman’s ritual in the Doors music for instance. Music and movie is looks great also. Visual things always were in the music performances. But I hate visual things without idea inside, just for some kind of mode and for such things. It is hollow inside. You absolutely right – visual is the only part of all things.
ZIN: You’re Right. I believe it means nothing without idea/creativity inside.

ZIN: Long story to tell. Well, WALPURGIS means Walpurgis Night in dictionary, as you know. However, CLUB WALPURGIS is not in dictionary. I found CLUB WALPURGIS in my dictionary. It says that Zin-François Angélique (Zinny Aerodinamica) organize gothic punk club called “CLUB WALPURGIS”. Join the Gothic Party & Have Great fun in Tokyo, JAPAN. More information available at www.clubwalpurgis.com

ZIN: Admiration. Or Remarkable, conspicuity, conspicuous, conspicuously, distinguish, dramatic, intense, manifest, marked, markedly, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, outstanding, prominent, prominently, salient, significant, stand out, striking? I do not understand what this Question meaning. Not an Ecstasy in Agony for me.

Y – YOU AS YOU ARE (who is Zin-François Angélique)
ZIN: It reminds me Principles of Philosophy (Les Principes de la Philosophie) of René Descartes. Yes, I am what I am, off course. By the way, you are what you are? I am Zin-François Angélique like dark side of the moon. My other dark side of the moon is Zinny Aerodinamica. Zinny Aerodinamica is My DJ Name. About the Principles of Philosophy, this Philosophy was born by this Latin word “Cogito, ergo sum (cogito = I think, ergo =therefore, sum = I am)”.  Read, as many books as you can while you are young. Listen as much music as you can while you are young. Do, as many things as you can while you are young.
dani: That’s great way for life I think!! I am not too young already, but I will never stop to living that way.

ZIN: ZEUS MACHINA sounds like deus ex machina in Greek era’s ancient act. ZEUS MACHINA is The Band. I formed this industrial influenced glamorous Gothic Band “ZEUS MACHINA” in 1998. Yukino joined as a Guitarist. More information available at www.zeusmachina.com

Thank you so much for your luxury answers, dearest Zin!! 
We all with you great success with all your cool projects.
Stay so amazing!!! 
Angelic kisses for you!!



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That was so huge pleasure for me to talking with Zin. 
He is amazing, isn't he?
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